Transforming The Educational System

Our programs provide people with the opportunity to get first-­hand knowledge of the global environment of their profession in our different destinations, complementing their academic formation.

Developing The New Global Leaders

Acquire invaluable leadership skills by a strong cultural and academic immersion in our different destinations. By flying your dreams with us, you will also expand your professional network with like-­minded individuals around the world.

Impact Entrepreneurship

Discover how entrepreneurship is transforming the world and visit innovation zones around the globe. Build your global entrepreneurial project with us.


Our Leadership Programs

And many more...

About Us

We believe the world is full of opportunities. We believe in the infiniteness of human potential to transcend boundaries through these opportunities. We believe that, when given access to the right tools and resources, every person can not only transform his or her life but also create meaningful change in the world. Every day, we go to work with the firm purpose of being this link between you and these opportunities to achieve your dreams. Just as you write your ideas on paper, we aim to create a plane for that paper, so that it can fly into the right direction, of making a reality of your ideal career, your goals, and ultimately, a more fulfilling life.

  • Career Development Program

    Visit the main companies, institutions, and organizations in your field of interest, where you will be able to share your ideas in discussions and working sessions. Interact and network with professionals, and bond with young global leaders. Complement your program with a cultural immersion and live the leadership experience of a lifetime. Jumpstart your career, and make a positive difference in the world.

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Development Program

    Throughout the program, you will be able to visit the main innovation zones, work with local organizations, and see how social entrepreneurship is transforming the economy and opening up opportunities for everyone while solving our biggest challenges. Moreover, develop your business idea abroad or gain the main insights from the world’s leading entrepreneurial ecosystems to boost your current entrepreneurial project.

  • Startup Cruise

    Immerse in the world of entrepreneurship with our Startup Cruise, in which you will sail through different countries and be able to see the innovation zones within them and the social impact that is being generated through this innovation in a way that is redefining capitalism and increasing opportunities for all around the globe.

  • International Conference Centres for Young Leaders

    Through our program partner ICCYL, we’re able to provide opportunities for residential educational conferences for school students. These professional conferences are focused on contemporary global issues and combine leading speakers with dynamic workshop to fully engage all students. The students develop a global outlook and the knowledge, skills and aptitudes vital for success, sustainability and wellbeing in a rapidly changing world, and are held in three recognized British colleges St Edward’s, in Oxford, the University of Reading, and Shiplake College on Henley­-on­-Thames.iccyl

The World Within A City

Our Toronto, Canada based office has also developed the “The World Within a City” program. Being often described as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, participants in this program experience the whole cultural diversity that Toronto has to offer, also building up their leadership skills and abilities and having an exposure to a wide array of local traditions embedded on a cosmopolitan and welcoming environment, getting to know the history and culture that makes Toronto so rich and diverse.

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